No wasted food: 10 uses for bread & chips

Nobody lives at my house.  Nobody finishes the milk and puts it back in the refrigerator. Nobody leaves an open bag of chips in the back of the pantry. And certainly nobody opens another box of cereal when there are already two open. To be more accurate, I really should call nobody “wasn’t me.”

According to my scientific study, the most wasted foods in your homes- after lettuce and chicken– is bread and chips. get it.

Between the loaves for lunches, buns for dinners, tortilla wraps…it’s just too much.  Unless you have my absolute favorite katic breads (photo) which rarely make it beyond the car!

Assuming it hasn’t gone moldy, you can always freeze the bread or feed it to the ducks (please don’t give them moldy bread either).

If you’re looking for other solutions though…

1. Sliced sandwich bread? Make french toast. Heartier french or challah bread? Try baked french toast!
3. Loaf butts?  Toast, then crumble and use in place of bread crumbs or panko.
4. Think dessert…bread pudding.
5. Corn tortillas? Bake your own tortilla chips (seriously, it’ll take you 10 minutes tops).
6. Baguettes, sub rolls, or hot dog buns? Slice for make-shift crostini or mini pizzas.
7. Rolls or buns? Cube, toss with a little olive oil, add your favorite seasoning and bake @ 10 minutes for homemade croutons.

Various opened bags of chips and cereals cluttering your pantry?

8. Substitute chip/pretzel crumbs for bread crumbs/panko for fish, chicken, or meatloaf. Create your own mash-up. Set all of the open bags of chips/cereal on the counter & create (great project for the kids) customized snack jars. You can even add a few nuts, chocolate chips, or raisins to the mix.
10. Stop paying extra for yogurt containers that have added packaging for cereal toppings & use your cereal as yogurt/ice cream toppings.

The essential idea behind not wasting food is to

“treat leftovers like ingredients” – Robin Hilmantel

Whether it’s last night’s entrée, fruits & veggies, or pantry staples- look at your leftovers/ingredients as if your personal sous chef has already done the prep work for you. Containers of rice from weekend take-out? You’ve just shaved 20 minutes off making homemade rice pudding.

Really stuck? Set out 5 ingredients and create your own “Chopped” challenge.

What’s the most creative way you’ve used up leftovers or staples?

Baked french toast photo credit
Cereal jar photo credit


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