I blinked and my baby was gone

I remember a time when strangers would approach me in the store, look into my exhausted eyes, and tell me to “just wait- they’ll sleep until noon before you know it.” With two under two, that sounded like some kind of crazy parenting porn.  Just wait? I couldn’t wait!

kaelaAs parents we’re excited about each new milestone: first steps, first lost tooth, first day of school. And while it can seem like there’s a million miles between each of those steps, the day comes when we finally catch our breath, look up, and say ‘shit, how did we get here already?’

I blinked.

I blinked and my baby is going into high school.

I’ve been asked a dozen times this week if I’m ready for this.  I guess whether I’m ready or not is irrelevant.  I’ve never wished for my children to stay little forever: every stage has its challenges.

But yes, these school years go crazy fast.

My daughter is no longer a “little girl.”  She went from playing dress-up in my clothes, to wearing my size shoe, to growing taller than me.  All in a moment.

So, for what it’s worth, here’s my advice to those of you still wondering when-for the love of God- they’ll sleep past 6, or wipe their own butts, or give you five minutes of quiet…stop wishing.

It will happen, and once it does, you’re already onto the next step.

Never in a million years would I want to do junior high over again. And, watching your kids go through it can sometimes be just as difficult. While 8 years seems like forever, the span from first day of kindergarten to the last day of eighth grade is a minute.

Instead of wishing for each next milestone, stop for a moment, and just observe.

kaelaI don’t know what lies ahead, and I’m sure these next four years will go even faster than the last three, but I do know this…

while no longer a little girl, my daughter has become a young woman. One that is confident, strong, fiercely loyal, compassionate, and wise beyond her years.

So whether or not I’m ready for her to go to high school, I know that she is.

And though the schools are already stressing college and prerequisites, I’m going to take a breath and not wish for that madness to end.

There is an incredible path and countless journeys ahead of her, no need to rush them.  I’ll pack some snacks and this time wish for the slow road.


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