Bake yourself healthy

Remember coming home to fresh-baked cookies? A time when cake meant a celebration. When ice cream was a hard-earned treat.  Not anymore.  Grocery shelves are lined with endless “treats” that are no longer reserved for special occasions, but instead, seen as everyday snacks.

Each year, over 15,000 new “foodlike” substances are added to the shelves: non-dairy creamers, high-fructose corn syrup, synthetic sweeteners, carrageenan, and artificial colors to name a few.  Probably not the same ingredients you saw mom or dad use to make your chocolate chip cookies. know.  There’s simply no time to bake today.

We’re even too busy to find 10 minutes to make our own Rice Krispies Treats®.

Americans consume an average of 30o calories more today than they did in 1980.  No, a sudden increase in vegetables isn’t the reason.

Fancy coffee drinks, endless processed snacks, convenient crap, and out of whack portions are the culprits. regard to food today- we make less, buy more;  and eat more, enjoy less.

When was the last time you truly savored a homemade cookie?

Stop laughing.

What if you decided to only have cookies and treats in your home that were homemade (a box that reads “homestyle” is not the same thing!)?

What if, because they’re homemade, brownies and cakes were once again reserved for special occasions?

During the summertime, especially, there are countless opportunities for treats: ice cream, festivals, Popsicles.  So, what if, just for the summer, you changed your approach to treats.

imageInstead of bringing home imitation substitutes, limit your in-house treats to those that are homemade. Bake a pie out of fresh picked (by you or friends at the farmer’s market!) berries. Take a walk- or ride bikes- to the local ice cream shop.


Isn’t it cheaper, faster, and easier to just grab a box off the shelf?  Possibly.  But when it’s a occasional treat, instead of a daily snack, the cost to your wallet- and your health- decreases.  Bake with intention. Omit the guilt.

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