It’s My Party: Unbeatable Favor and Gift ideas

Let the celebrations begin! Between birthdays, graduations, and weddings, there’s always something happening during the summer.  Don’t waste precious warm weather running around looking for favors and gifts, we’ve rounded up perfect ideas for you.

Whether you need kids craft activities, gift ideas for a sports fan, an eco-friendly baby shower gift, or any kind of party favor…look no further.

sport party
Sports Party Theme: Upcycled t-shirt drawstring bag, vintage trading card notepads, personalized recycled canvas bag, pop can charms & jewelry, collapsible water bottle, upcycled jersey drawstring bag, helmet table lamp, BoxPlay bat sticker sets, upcycled jersey bags, BoxPlay bowling pin sticker sets.

bug collage
It’s a Bugs Life/Nature Party
: BoxPlay camera sticker set, Endangered Species Bug Bite organic chocolates, Made By Me sustainable wood bug kit, BoxPlay binocular sticker set.

baby collage
They’re having a baby!
Custom upcycled paper flower bouquet (Dr. Seuss theme shown), organic cotton blanket, Bottom Balm, Green Envee Organics nut-free wash & lotion, Lavender & Chamomile (Relax) organic essential oil.

bday collage
Summer Birthday Party Favors
: Botanical paint packets, Keeki Pure & Simple lip shimmer, plantable flip-flop thank you card, BoxPlay ice cream truck sticker set, Made by Me sustainable wood truck set, cupcake crayons, The Earth, The Alphabet, and Me: 26 Earth-friendly activities, Let’s Go Green activity books, all-natural Glee Gum pops, sustainable wood wands.

wedding collage
Green wedding favors:
 Custom upcycled paper flower centerpiece/bouquet, plantable wedding dress thank you card/favor, recycled plastic flower vase, plantable heart confetti, plantable rustic wedding thank you card/favor, plantable wedding cake thank you card/favor, seeded heart favor box.

Want to save even more time? Check out these various themed favors and gift sets.


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  1. Awe, thank you Miss Stefanie- Btw, your peanut allergy article was amazing – so very interesting and wow, I had no idea.


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