Way to screw it up, Diet Pepsi: why their new campaign is a fraud

Congratulations, you won! All of the phone calls and emails demanding PepsiCo eliminate aspartame from Diet Pepsi were heard. PepsiCo listened and made a change. This month they will unveil “aspartame-free” Diet Pepsi. Good news, right? Not so fast.

af dpRemember, calorie-free doesn’t mean chemical-free. So, to maintain its taste and shelf-life, they’ve merely replaced the aspartame with two other (potentially worse for your health) artificial sweeteners: Ace-K and sucralose (ie.Splenda). Wait..What?!

Consumers are catching on that aspartame (NutraSweet/Equal) do not do the body good. Fed up with nasty side-effects: nausea, headaches, depression, cancer, fatigue, anxiety, MS, abdominal pain, weight gain, consumers wanted a change. Unfortunately, the change they received was more of the same. Ace-K (Acesulfame Potassium) has possible links to cancer, depression, and negative liver/kidney effects. Splenda (sucralose) has been known to cause gastrointestinal problems, hives, mood swings, and anxiety.

So much better, right?

We’re lead to believe that sugar is the greatest dietary evil. Like most things in life, moderation is the key. Consuming copious amounts of soda is obviously negligent on the nutrient scale. But, if one small natural sugar soda gave you greater satisfaction than four chemically laden diet sodas, wouldn’t that be a better choice?

http://www.momables.com/how-to-make-aguas-frescas-fresh-fruit-water/I’m certainly not saying either is a healthy choice, if it’s really about saving calories (and toxic ingredients) why not just go with a glass of water? Diet pop is not an effective choice for weight loss, on the contrary, it’s been linked to weight-gain. So, while I applaud PepsiCo for listening to their consumers’ desires, they’re fundamentally listening to their bottom line, not your health.

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