Want the scoop?

Welcome to the Favor The Earth Daily Green.  My mission is to help you make small changes that have a big impact on your health and the environment.

Sometimes it’s tips, sometimes a little story, and sometimes it’s about cool people or products you should know. But it always comes from the heart.

Whether you crochet your own toilet paper or have never recycled a single scrap, FTE daily green is for you.  No judgement, no guilt. We do what’s right for us today, for this moment.

Want to contact me? srock@favortheearth.com

Ready to make some small changes for your health and the environment?  Shop at http://www.favortheearth.com

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3 responses to “Want the scoop?

  1. Trying to sign up for the “daily green” via e-mail…don’t know is this is the way to do so

  2. Tell us more about the Lily ring. We are Lily’s proud grandparents.

    • It’s a beautiful ring created in California from an antique spoon. You can see another picture on our website (www.favortheearth.com) under “Fabulous Finds.” It’s beautiful & strong, just like Lily!

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