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Pin 52: Fudgy Avocado Brownies

Every Tuesday I scroll through my pins to find a cool DIY project that I’m going to master this week.  Every Sunday night I think, “Crap! I forgot to do something from Pinterest!” Hence another recipe. Dessert sounded good, I had avocados ready to use, so Fudgy Avocado Brownies it was.

http://www.southerninlaw.com/2014/04/grain-free-healthy-fudgy-avocado-brownies-recipe.htmlI should probably preface with a couple of facts about my “culinary skills.” Although I enjoy baking, I’ve been known to leave out forget an ingredient every so often…ok, almost every time. Mostly because I rarely read the recipe before starting it- which is also why I can never make a new dessert to bring somewhere because I don’t realize it needs to chill for 3 hours first.

Back to the brownies. Amazingly, I didn’t omit anything, but I had a bigger mistake.

Read through the ingredients to ensure a grocery trip wasn’t necessary, all good.

Step one: blended the avocado, eggs, vanilla, and a little water together, beautiful. I’m rocking this recipe. Step two- add melted chocolate. Oops, probably should’ve had that part already started. Just added a few more minutes to the prep time.

Step three: add the cocoa powder, sugar, baking soda, and salt. So, I added my sugar, baking soda, salt, and dutch cocoa powder.

If you know anything about baking (not putting myself in that category!) you probably caught my mistake. Dutch cocoa powder and regular cocoa powder are not interchangeable. Especially when I used baking soda also. Apparently there’s a whole science behind it- alkaline & ph stuff- I don’t know, I just wanted some brownies.

They didn’t quite look like the picture. They would, however, look awesome for Halloween because they were jet black.

Let’s just say they were also far from fudgy or delicious. I guess Dutch cocoa powder + baking soda = bitter soapy taste. Yum

So, they were an epic fail…this time. I will definitely try the recipe again another day (apologies to my sister- a chef- I cannot comprehend making the same recipe multiple times in one day until it’s perfect).

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Southern in Law Avocado Brownies photo credit