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FTE daily green is moving…

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11881637_1668986013333842_221801823_nWant to hear about fabulous ways to live healthier without compromising your lifestyle or emptying your wallet?

You can find all of these answers on our new blog Conveniently Green.

While you will soon be able to connect to it through Favor the Earth, don’t risk missing a post before then.  Head over to Conveniently Green and get started on a healthier path now!


Look how far we’ve come in 500 posts!

Admittedly, I’m not great at remembering milestones. This one probably would’ve passed right by too if it weren’t for wordpress’s bold stats. So, here’s the incredible news. This post that you’re reading right now is our
500th post!

On May 17th, 2011 Favor the Earth Daily Green began with Just the Beginning. And that it was.

Since that first day in May (when my mom and sister were probably the only readers) we’ve grown to over 5,000 readers! Those readers come to us from all over the world, 61 countries to be exact.
The top 5 countries leading the pack in readers?
US, Canada, Norway, United Kingdom, and Australia!


Our most viewed post in a single day was actually about my amazing niece, A Thought For Lily.

Our two other most-viewed posts-
Favorite Toys Made in the USA
My Struggle with Mike Jeffries

imageI wish we could send all our readers flowers to show our gratitude. But, today’s coupon is pretty darn good too!

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A new beginning

If you remember from yesterday’s post, things were a little hectic.  Thankfully there were no alarm issues this morning!

But, in amidst the chaotic energy, is escaped us that yesterday was our 400th post.  That seems sort of big, right?

Last night, my 10-year-old was having trouble going to sleep: goofy, wanting to horse around.  When I went in to settle him down, he questioned if I thought the world would really end tomorrow.

He didn’t truly believe it would, but, at the same time, he was afraid to believe it wouldn’t.  Apparently there was much hallway talk at school about it.

I explained my thoughts that #1- it was already tomorrow in Australia and many other parts of the world (thanks iphone clock for showing times around the world!).

And #2- that maybe December 21st isn’t the end, but rather a new beginning.

After recent tragedies: Newton, Connecticut; Superstorm Sandy; oil spills, pollutants to our food supplies, maybe this is a do-over.

Maybe this is our wake-up call to set aside judgements and greed, and band together as world-wide community.

In the hustle of the holidays, I know I’ve forgotten to slow down (so much that we missed our 400th post!). So, the Daily Green is taking a short break for a week to relax with family and friends. Don’t worry, your orders are still shipping daily!

Read stories, help a child buy or make a gift for their parents, bake cookies, sing loudly, laugh, hug, have fun, and be safe.

Wishing all of you a very happy holiday, and a wonderful “new year.”

Green wishes!

Our own Amazing Race!

Favor the Earth will celebrate its 3rd anniversary in September!

What began as a declaration that “I’m just going to have to start my own company” over pizza & beer (organic, of course!) on Earth Day 2009, has definitely become much more than an idea.

Before our 2nd anniversary we set a challenging goal:  deliver a package to all 50 states.  We’re beyond thrilled with the results so far…

22 states
6 countries
4 continents

But we need your help to complete this goal! Arizona, Indiana…we need you! North Carolina and New Mexico…join us!

Of course we want you to enjoy the challenge too, so the first order shipping to a “new” state receives a free Favor the Earth favorite with their order!

We don’t want to anyone to feel left out though, so all orders this weekend will receive a little “something something” in their package too!  Just write “Challenge” in the checkout notes.

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