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Pin 52: week two pinterest crochet basket project

Last week I decided to make “someday” today.  I vowed to tackle one of the upteen pins from my Pinterest boards each week. Whether the results were a “nailed it” fail, or a success every Monday you’ll see the results.

Last week I made the delicious slow cooker quinoa enchilada bake, this week I got crafty. Not only was I clearing out some electronic clutter, I dove into my endless supply of yarn and took on creating a crochet basket.

Ok, so mine didn’t turn out exactly like these, but I was still pretty impressed with my first go-round.

Since the link to my original pin wouldn’t work, I found this one from Design Sponge.  While I’ve made plenty of blankets, I’ve never crocheted in a circle before.

I’m quite certain any (and all) errors were from my own lack of experience reading a pattern rather than the instructions themselves.  I definitely used thicker yarn, and my finished basket was not mini. But, it was a quick project that I’d definitely try again.

The result…a little uneven but not terrible.  Too big for keys or loose change, but it works for holding the tv remotes!

Is it perfect? Nope.

But, at the end of the day I have a finished project and something checked off my “someday” list.

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Inspired by Pinterest!

For as much time as I like to waste spend on Pinterest, I don’t consider myself crafty.  I definitely fall into the “nailed-it” mess-up category more often than my project looking like the photo. But, today was full of cakes that were quite inspiring; cakes like this one from cake central
No, I don’t believe I can make the cake, but I can crochet!

While the majority of Favor the Earth products are created by other small companies & artisans, there are a couple of items made by me. One of them is the organic cotton crocheted blankets.

What started as a hobby, and something fun to make for my kids, quickly turned to gift requests from others! Aside from being incredibly soft, here are 7 reasons why they’re fabulous for all ages.
1- organic cotton yarn means not having to worry about wrapping up in nasty pesticides
2- machine washable, need I say more?!
3- open v-stitch eliminates worry of little ones getting trapped underneath
4- great for elderly loved ones who are afraid of getting tangled in long blankets
5- customize with your own favorite colors
6- contact me for creating larger blankets great for those heading off to college!
7- makes a great lap blanket while enjoying morning coffee, watching ice hockey/skating practice at the cold rink, or catching a chilly evening youth baseball game

Blankets shown on the site are available and ready to ship, but custom orders are always welcome. If the color is available in organic cotton yarn, I can make it!

Depending on size, custom orders take 1-2 weeks to create, so order your baby shower, graduation, birthday, or everyday gift now!

Daily Green Special: Order an organic cotton crocheted blanket today & receive a free relaxation soy candle. Just write “nailed-it” in the checkout notes and we’ll add the free candle to your order. Offer valid until tomorrow’s post. Happy Monday.