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6 ways to reconnect and recharge yourself

Our phones are ‘smart’ enough to tell us when they need to reboot: they respond slowly and they start acting wonky. So, we shut them off for 10 minutes and it’s like a brand new phone once it’s back on, right? Sadly, we aren’t as smart about recognizing the same signs in ourselves.  Feeling sluggish, scattered, cranky, or overwhelmed? It’s probably time to recharge your own batteries.

No two week beach vacation on the agenda? That’s ok. Whether you have 10 minutes or 10 days, there’s time to reconnect with yourself to feel refreshed.

Don’t believe me? Check out these 6 recharging ideas.

no wifi1. Shut down. Sometimes you need to disconnect to reconnect. Silence all devices (yes, including tv) for at least 60 minutes every day. Instead of catching up on emails with your morning coffee, start your day on the patio tech-free. Don’t allow alerts to disrupt your dinner, 30 minutes on “do not disturb” will help bring awareness to what’s on your plate instead of what’s on your phone.

2. Find nature. Sure, going to the gym is great, but taking a walk outside can be even better. In addition to a boost in vitamin D, studies show that walking outside increases energy, decreases stress, and reduces depression. So, lace up those walking shoes and hit the trails or simply take a stroll around the block. Take your walk to a charitable level and check with your local rescue center to see if they have any pups that may want to join you for your walk.

3. Stop and smell the oil. Essential oils that is.  Sometimes you just can’t get away even for 10 minutes, but that doesn’t mean you can’t recharge your mind. Peppermint and rosemary essential oils are great for improving mental clarity and focus. Lavender and chamomile are ideal for relaxation and improved quality of sleep. Need help choosing the right essential oils? Read more here.

4. Quiet time.  Finding time to recharge yourself with little kids around is tough. Reconnect with your soul during their nap time: paint, read, dance, close the door and sing at the top of your lungs! Set a 10-20 minute timer with older kids for a household quiet break. Use that time to recharge your energy with whatever feeds your soul.

IMG_62075. Day tripping. You don’t have to go far to get away. Day trips are a great way to decompress without major travel plans. Find hidden treasures within a couple hours of your home. Too hot for exploring? Find a cave! Visit top ice cream shops in different cities to see which is your favorite.

6. Use up those vacation days. Approximately 40% of American workers let their vacation days go to waste. Don’t be part of that 40%.  Believe it or not, those days away actually benefit your quality of work. Time away from your job can help you regain focus, enthusiasm, and productivity. Try to avoid checking work related emails or phone calls to allow your mind and body to recover from daily stress.





Embrace Your Mental Health Moments

As far as organized activities go, we had a light weekend. So, I figured that left plenty of weekend time to finish some chores: cleaning the bathrooms, weeding the yard, and figuring out the latest Apple update.

Yeah, I didn’t do any of them.

I’m noticing as I’ve entered my 40’s that I’m refusing the “should be” mentality.

imageFor the past decade I have been immersed in raising my children, bearing the brunt of maintaining the household, and owning a business. Yet, any spare moments were filled with guilt or “should be”: I can’t read this magazine now, I should be starting dinner. The kids are asleep, I should be finishing laundry not catching up on Castle.

No more.

This weekend while my son was outside playing & my daughter was finishing homework would’ve been a perfect time to get my own work done. Instead I read for an hour AND I took a nap.

I realized that I didn’t feel guilty or wasteful, I felt great.

Mental health moments…feeding your soul…whatever you call it…are essential.

Maybe your moment is 5 minutes, maybe it’s a full weekend.

Regardless of the length of time, they’re a moment to breathe; a moment to reconnect to yourself.

It doesn’t take a jaunt to Tahiti and a cabana boy (though it does sound fabulous!) to find your spirit.

Here are my 5 favorite mindful moments that purely benefit my mental health.

imageReading. Taking away my books is like taking away my oxygen. I’ve yet to reach my goal of reading 50 books in one year (47 is my closest), but I read everyday. I am grateful that my children both share this passion for reading. I fully believe that the most important card you’ll ever own is a library card.

imageHeat. I’m an Aries, a Fire sign. I thrive in the hot weather. 10 minutes sitting in the sun is necessary for my physical and mental health. Yes, I turn to my “happy lamp” in brutal February when we see only minutes of sun during the month. Taking a green approach, my skin is like solar panels and I need to be recharged often. Based on that theory maybe a winter trip to Tahiti should be covered under health insurance!

imageThe Sunday paper and my cup of coffee. This is my time. Even if it meant the kids had extra “tv time,” without this ritual, it isn’t Sunday. The Sunday paper is a childhood comfort that began with the colorful cartoons. It’s still the first section I read, and then let my kids take to enjoy.

Singing loudly. When my 5th (throat chakra) is feeling a bit rusty, generally I’m holding back words that need to be spoken. I bring mindful strength and energy to my voice by singing…loudly. Usually in the car with the windows down, driving on the highway is my preferred venue. The shower works well too.

imageThough it seldom happens, a weekend with girlfriends (kiddos at home) is the megastar of mental health moments. The chance to reconnect with friends and myself is sacred. Though lunch or a coffee break together is effective, once in a while a full weekend is necessary to refuel my spirit.

Do I utilize all of these mental health moments daily? No. But, I embrace them when they do.

In the grand scheme of life, is 15 minutes for yourself over folding laundry
really that great of a sacrifice? Is spending your lunch hour reading outside truly less important than eating at your desk to finish one more email?

imageWe need these moments to breathe.

Feeling overwhelmed, a loss of identity, or wouldn’t know where to begin with mindful moments? Green Envee Crown Chakra Essential Oil Blend is a great way to re-energize your 7th chakra reconnecting you to yourself and the world around you.

What are your mental health moments? Hot bath, glass of wine, gardening?
Are you able to enjoy them without guilt or “should be?”

Photo credits: Design the Life You Want to Live